Wednesday, 6 November 2013

To celebrate Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, my first book The Spirit of the Moon will be free on Kindle. Enjoy!

Been away for a while but will rectify that soon with weekly posts starting next week. But in the meanwhile here is the first line in my new book that I'm working on, Whispers of a Chinese Ghost, which is the third part of the Sovereign Creek Series of books. Here we go:

The newly elected mayor of Sovereign Creek, Sylvester Pumblejam, had proven to be a ‘YES’ man.



Tuesday, 5 February 2013


     I have a goal for next year. A wonderfully secret goal for 2014. (Well I have other goals as well, like getting THE SPIRIT OF THE MOON  and  THE MONSTER IN THE BASEMENT onto more eplatforms and into more hands this year :) I only just spoke to my wife about it two days ago. She listened in wonderment, but mostly she listened in trepidation. It's a goal that's really way out there, especially for a 39 year old...especially one that has a family to provide for and two teenage boys that are facing the last and most important years of their schooling life. (Yes I worry about them. But I also know its all going to turn out in the end for them.). My wife didn't say much at the end of my glorious goal speech, probably because I still haven't worked out the particulars, it's risky and it is entirely dependent on me achieving another impossible goal for this year. This one I can tell you, without going into detail, is a purely financial goal that will enable me at least to go into 2014 comfortable and start the new path. Holy shit.
     I can't tell you all this goal, purely for the fact that if it is one lesson I have learnt at this stage of my life is this: It's great to have goals, but don't tell anyone about them unless you actually mean to achieve it. Have you ever had anyone in your life that announced they were going to do something but never, ever come through? What did you think of them, especially if it became a regular occurrence. This goal is not new for me. If you knew me very closely, you would know what the goal is. It's something I wanted to do all my adult life, but for whatever reason never quite reached for it. Maybe I wasn't ready or just plain mature enough. Maybe I had a family to think of (not that family should be the excuse. Family is FAMILY after all). Is now the time? I fell it is. Maybe I'm getting older and I feel time is running out. Who knows. I just know this. That goal, that little bit of light in the distance you always wanted to grab and make yours, gets further away everyday you let it get past. Have I waited to long? I hope not. The secret goal. The impossible goal. What's your Secret Goal? Let's get on with it...

Movies: THE LAST WAVE directed by Peter Weir. Highly recommended, moody, creepy drama ala Picnic at Hanging Rock. Was entranced the whole way through. Look it up at IMDB. Well worth seeking out.

TV: Justified season 4. Good to have that cast back.

Books: Doctor Who and the Daleks with intro by Neil Gaiman. A reissue of the old Target books that adapted serials of the TV show. These books taught me to read and I loved Doctor Who all the more. I have The Three Doctors coming next. I wish I had my originals from the early 80's. Sigh...



Monday, 14 January 2013


     Well it's a new year, a year that many people influenced by a calendar many thousands of years old, thought would never happen. My second book, THE MONSTER IN THE BASEMENT, came out in September last year, with little fanfare, little marketing and well, little sales. But that's ok, because when you self publish with a giant corporation going up against seven million other contenders, you have little expectations.
     I was telling someone today who asked how the books were going, how hard it is to market children's fiction when you go it all alone. This is for two reasons. One: kids aren't out trolling for new books to read. Most likely if they find a book, it's an impulse buy or they are following a series. Secondly, they aren't reading your marketing materials (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc)because they can't find them and they aren't bloody well looking for the comments of a 39 year old man trying to make it in the writing biz. They just aren't. Disheartening isn't it?
     I think the two books I have written are good, solid reads of a proposed series, but to be honest, I'm at a cross roads. Do I continue with these books? Do I write something else, maybe for adults? I think about this all the time lately and yes it does stop me from writing, although I have started a new prequel book. Writing a book takes a lot of effort. It's not digging ditches or building houses or even doing night shift driving a truck,but you do have to make a solid commitment that  Time to come up with a plan to crack the big boys of publishing. 2013, the ghost year. The year that anything is possible. Enjoy.

Music: Ladyhawke
Books: Doctor Who and the Daleks
Comics: Conan by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan 

Monday, 27 August 2012



The MONSTER is available to purchase from Amazon and Amazon Kindle.

Friday, 24 August 2012



The MONSTER is coming to Amazon and all good bookstores.

Thursday, 23 August 2012



The MONSTER is coming to Amazon and all good bookstores.